Which Device?

I have recently purchased a new laptop computer. It’s a Lenovo Yoga 720 12.5 inch with 8 GB RAM and a 128 GB SSD drive. It’s a Windows 10 system but I plan to set it up to dual boot to Linux. This will allow me to do the one or two things in Windows that I need to do but to still have a lightweight Linux laptop with good battery life.

I have now got it set up to dual boot between Windows 10 and Linux MATE usinig Ubuntu 18.04 which is a long term support version. Strangely enough everything “just works”. The trackpad works completely. The video is great. The wifi works fine. I have had to do nothing to get it all to work. Even the touch screen works.I haven’t yet had to do anything to get it all work.

I bought the pen that goes with this Lenovo and it just works in both Linux and Windows. That is truly remarkable.

The battery seems to last for about 5 hours or so. This will allow me to have a laptop with me full time. And will allow me to have both Windows and Linux to work with. I was looking to buy a Chromebook and use it for Linux access. But this works even better because I have a complete Windows environment and a complete Linux system. I can do development on it, write on it using emacs or via the browser in Google Docs. Or in the Windows world, I can use Word and Excel. If only I had a way to load Mac OS somehow, or access to an remote Mac OSX system. Then I could do IOS and Mac OSX development.

I have recently upgraded my iPad Pro to iPadOS 13. I have yet to try and see if my bluetooth iclever keyboard with the mouse pad. Now that there is mouse support for the IPADos, maybe I will start carrying that keyboard with me. Or I will use one of my little multidevice mice with my Logitech keyboard cover.


I have changed my laptop to be just a Linux system. I have pulled the original nvme drive and installed a 500gb nvme drive and installed a Linux Mint install on it. I am looking at using this as my basic computer and moving away from MacOS.

I am looking for a vendor independent set of devices. My phone and tablets are iPad and IPhone devices. Macbooks are too expensive for what you get from it. I think having a laptop of some type would be useful and beneficial.

I have set up KVM/QEMU vm Windows stuff. I had Mac OSX running but it really was very heavy on the usage.

More Google Docs Testing

More testing because I love testing.

This technique saves everything as a draft until I publish it. Then I can update it and the updates are immediately published. According to the sidebar (over there —->), I can also tag the post.

Interesting way to blog because I can do a bunch of draft-drafts in Google Docs in my blog folder and then later decide whether to post or not. Plus if I set up this folder to be an offline folder then I can even write when I am not connected to the inner-tubes. This would let me have a folder full of potential ideas and drafts that I can then post when I am ready.

Writing more

I am going to attempt to write much more often on this blog. I intend for it to be a general purpose blog that captures my random thoughts and ideas. Sometimes funny, sometimes humorous and hopefully always informative and possibly off the wall.